Solar & Lunar Practices Duo | Download or Stream

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Get both AcroYoga Solar Acrobatic Practices and Lunar Therapeutic Practices streamed or downloaded right to your device for full practice support on the move! Plus special gifts!
The Solar Acrobatic Practices will encourage your safe flight, and the Lunar Therapeutics will rejuvenate your practice. 

This is the ideal package to get all the education you need to grow your practice, all on your phone, tablet, or desktop. 

You will get:

  • Lunar Practices 
  • Solar Practices
  • Solar & Lunar Asana PDF!

About Lunar Practices:

AYI's best-selling Lunar Healing Arts Practices video download features 85 minutes of therapeutic flying and Thai Massage training with AYI founder, Jason Nemer.
Lunar flying is a movement-based meditation that unlocks bliss and deepens connection between the practitioners.
Practice self care and offer loving kindness while co-creating profound healing.
Embodiment of the nurturing Lunar Asana cultivates subtle listening and teaches applied Thai massage principles.
These sequences offer a pathway towards connection, deep listening and safe hands-on healing. Build trust and work with others in a skillful, compassionate way.  

In this volume, explore: 
  • the Lunar Asana Sequence, 
  • Therapeutic Flying & Thai Massage, 
  • Supine Thai Massage Sequence level 1, 
  • Supine Thai Massage Sequence level 2, 
  • Foot Adjustments in Flying, 
  • Forward Flying, 
  • Prone Thai Massage Sequence, 
  • Backward Flying, 
  • High Flying Whale,
  • & Hammock

About Solar Practices:

The Solar Practices download features 145 minutes of content AYI co-founder, Jason Nemer. By understanding and practicing the Solar Asana you explore the foundational movements and forms that bridge yoga and acrobatics.
The Inversions Pyramids is a step by step method for harnessing your potential in handstands. Spotting techniques emphasize safety and refinement with the support of others.

  • Solar Asana Warm Up, 
  • Inversions & Spotting, 
  • Acrobatics & Spotting 
You'll get these flying transitions: 
  • Front Plank to Shoulderstand, 
  • Mounts & Dismounts, 
  • Intermediate,
  • Flying Progressions, 
  • Washing Machines
  • & Advanced Flying Variations 
Special Extras
While you are offering these gifts out into the world, we'd like to offer you something a little extra. As part of this package, you will also receive pdf versions of the Inversion Pyramids 1 & 2, outlining your building blocks to standing on your hands, and Solar and Lunar Asana Sequences for quick glance reference.
Once you complete your order, lookout for an email confirmation with a link to watch. You can choose to download the videos to your computer, or simply stream whenever you want. Our library supports streaming from many devices, and you can access your purchased videos anytime!