Elements of AcroYoga | Manual

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Elements of AcroYoga Manual explores the key foundations of AcroYoga:
  • acrobatic training techniques,
  • step-by-step inversion methodology,
  • refined Thai Massage sequences,
  • improved and expanded therapeutic flying sequences,
  • new acrobatic positions & step by step transitions.  

Explore the full spectrum of the practice with detailed explanations and visual representations. 
Includes over 140+ pages, printed on 100% recycled paper, with full color pictures and detailed descriptions, including: History of AcroYoga, Sadhana (the practice), Partner Yoga Flows, Language & Vocabulary of AcroYoga, Lunar Practices, Lunar Asana, Thai Massage Methods, Therapeutic Flying levels, Solar Practices, Solar Asana, Inversions & Spotting Positions, Foundational Acrobatics, Partner Inversions, Standing Counter Balances & Hand Balancing Pyramids.