AcroYoga Fest: Divine Play 2017 | Pre-fest Intensive

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Choose from 3 Pre-Fest Intensives. 

All intensives will be on-site at the festival in the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

The Science of Coaching 


with Professor Magness and Jason Nemer

For thousands of years humans have been conducting experiments to better understand the world they live in and the laws that govern motion. Sir Issac Newton was one of the most influential scientists that dedicated his life to cracking the code of how this all works. Acrobats, whether they know it or not, are conducting these experiments constantly. The more one understands the rules of the game, the better one can play. Professor Magness and Nemer aim to distill their many years of experience into methods and training philosophies. This 3 day course will offer you many different tools to train yourself and your students. 

Masterful coaches have wise hands, sharp eyes and clear words. Those are the three main tools of any coach. To improve ones coaching you must train all three. Spotting will be a large component of the content as that is the way to wise hands. We will have coaching labs every day to sharpen the eye, examining skills to diagnose what is being done well, and the key misalignment or weakness.  We will refine the word selection, asking smart questions, offering clear support in what you see is working and what can be refined.  Once these tools are in place we will train the acrobatic intellect by breaking down skills, building training rituals and seeing the big picture of where the practice can go. What ever your current teaching methods are this experience will give you many new ways to share your passion for teaching to your students.

Principles covered:

  • Center of Gravity spotting
  • Forces; Vectors and Acceleration in dynamic acrobatics
  • Newton’s Laws with press handstands
  • Impact safety in deceleration 

There will be daily quizzes and homework to expand your theoretical understanding of acrobatics.

Prerequisites - Interest: 

  • Quality of participation
  • Acrobatic/acroyoga teaching experience and have a desire to help people train smarter
  • More interested in learning principles than learning tricks
  • Equally invested in supporting others learning as you are invested in your own learning

Prerequisites - Skills:

  • One year of AcroYoga experience
  • Barrel Roll, Four step
  • Attempting L-Base hand to hand
  • Standing foot to hand
  • Attempt handstands with out a spotter


Advanced Icarian Intensive 


with Elizabeth Overton, Matt Fields-Johnson, Jonathan Rae, and Courtney

Join Jonathan Rae, Courtney, Elizabeth Overton, and Matt Fields-Johnson for a three day advanced Icarian intensive. Train more advanced skills, such as full flips, with optimized instruction and the right equipment. You will learn how to progress toward higher level Icarian skills utilizing mats and spotting belts correctly. Instructors will ensure that bases, flyers, and spotters understand how to train these skills completely, effectively, and safely so everyone can have a good time and learn.   

All pairs will be challenged at their own skill level. Instructors will make content easier or harder based on individual needs.

Here are some of the peak skills you may be training toward:

  • Back Plank 360 and 180 turns
  • Icarian Throne to Reverse Star
  • Back Plank half turn with a full twist aka "Kickflip”
  • Castaway to Throne or Full Castaway (back to Plank)
  • Royal Pancake
  • Back Whips
  • Front Tucks
  • Back Tucks


Executing the following prerequisites cleanly and safely will ensure your admission to this prefest intensive. Please familiarize yourselves with these skills. Instructors will check prerequisites within the first hour of the workshop.  

Done safely and cleanly without a spotter:

  • Pop Plank to Reverse Star (hands connected)
  • Reverse Star to Throne (Icarian)
  • Throne to Plank (Icarian)
  • Pancakes (back bird to reverse bird with hands connected)
  • Reverse Bird to Back Plank (Icarian)
  • Icarian Straight Jumps

Tumbling Prerequisites:

  • Forward Roll
  • Backward Roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Dive roll

Conditioning Prerequisites:

  • One minute handstand hold at the wall
  • 10 push ups (consecutive)
  • 15 v-ups (consecutive)
  • 10 burpees (consecutive)


AcroFit Training and Certification

with Amy Impellizzeri and Eddie Salguero 

Elevate your fitness, and join Amy Impellizzeri, co-creator of AcroFit, for a three-day certification training. Emerge from this pre-fest intensive with the skills to share and teach* AcroFit in your community. 

What is an AcroFit Training? 

AcroFit strengthens community as we strengthen ourselves. AcroFit is the social fitness innovation that combines strength training, cardio endurance, and flexibility with the partner work AcroYoga is known for. Build smart, toned, and coordinated muscles in a safe, fun & progressive environment.

Every training is designed to be accessible and adaptable to different levels of practice. Learn to teach 45-60 minute classes consisting of full body training in 5 segments structured to increase endurance, strength and flexibility. AcroFit also assists in creating core stability and integrity around the joints to help correct muscle imbalances and prevent injuries.

*This training will teach you the necessary tools to create & teach AcroFit classes at different levels in a safe, effective and fun way. Upon successful completion of this course you will leave with manual & certification to teach and share the AcroFit System.

Take a closer look at Acrofit here.