AcroYoga Fest: Jamaica 2018
$ 425.00

AcroYoga Fest: Jamaica 2018

We are going back to Jamaica! 3rd Annual AcroYoga Fest: Jamaica  April 10-15, 2018! Take advantage of the early bird price and reserve your spot now!


What does the ticket price include?
Your ticket includes all classes, jams, workshops, and evening events for 6 full days from April 10-15. It does not include lodging, transportation or food. We are currently working with local hotels to get discounted prices for accommodation, which will be offered to ticket holders as soon as they become available. We also recommend you check out Jack Sprat Dorms ( and AirBnB (

We want to give you flexibility in choosing the accommodation that's right for you! There are lots of affordable options and creative arrangements available for housing.


What if I want to rest and relax? Do I have to attend classes?

Jamaica is a beautiful country, and we encourage you to slow down and play. All classes and workshops are optional- the only exception is the AcroFit certification, where we request your full commitment. Otherwise, you are invited to jam, learn, play, practice and get jammy as you please :)


How do I get to Treasure Beach?
Treasure Beach is just over 2 hours from Montego Bay Airport, 1.5 hours from Negril airport, and a 3 hour drive from the capital city of Kingston. In certain parts, it can be a winding journey, but you can stop as much as you like to take in the views, hear the history, snack on jerk chicken and keep on making your way. The drive is a beautiful way to see the island…and well worth it.


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