Lunar Practices | DVD
Lunar Practices | DVD
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Lunar Practices | DVD

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AYI's best-selling Lunar Healing Arts Practices DVD features 85 minutes of therapeutic flying and Thai Massage training with AYI founder, Jason Nemer.
Lunar flying is a movement-based meditation that unlocks bliss and deepens connection between the practitioners.
Practice self care and offer loving kindness while co-creating profound healing.
Embodiment of the nurturing Lunar Asana cultivates subtle listening and teaches applied Thai massage principles.
These sequences offer a pathway towards connection, deep listening and safe hands-on healing. Build trust and work with others in a skillful, compassionate way.  

In this volume, explore: 
  • the Lunar Asana Sequence, 
  • Therapeutic Flying & Thai Massage, 
  • Supine Thai Massage Sequence level 1, 
  • Supine Thai Massage Sequence level 2, 
  • Foot Adjustments in Flying, 
  • Forward Flying, 
  • Prone Thai Massage Sequence, 
  • Backward Flying, 
  • High Flying Whale,
  • & Hammock
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