Advanced Acrobatics by Jason Nemer

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Got goals for your partner acrobatic practice? We’ve got you. 

We are proud to release Advanced Acrobatics with Jason Nemer- a new educational video series that will guide you through progressive steps to get you from L-Basing calibrations (static to dynamic) through range-of-motion training to high-level mounts, one-arm training, and hand-to-hands.   

Advanced Acrobatics with Jason Nemer is an encyclopedia of demos. You’ll get step-by-step guidance to learn over 35 progressions, including:

You’ll get:

  1. L base calibrations 
  2. Standing hand to hand and reverse hand to hand progressions 
  3. Dynamic mounts including inlocate, toe pitches and more
  4. One arm foot to hand and hand to hand progressions


If you want to boost your acrobatic practice, this is the next educational step on your journey. Stream or download these videos for only $125 (certified Teachers get 50% off Educational Materials)